Thursday, September 20, 2007

Take Nizhny with you

The boxes we've been making are like seed pods. They even contain seeds. There are cones from the local pine trees. You'll be able to plant them with Nizhny soil samples, and water from the Volga. We've even provided a bottle of Nizhny air. The boxes are a collection of scientific specimens, original artworks, and local delights. The project references Marcel Duchamp's 'Box In Valise' which itself contained a bottle of 'Paris Air'. Our boxes include photographic prints, hand drawn stencils, and local found objects. There are lyrics from a local song and a collection of native words and sayings. We've provided matches to keep you warm, chocolate to sweeten your palate, tea to soothe you, and a condom should you get lucky on the train. There will even be origami instructions to turn your tea bag into a Nizhny Novgorod deer, the symbol of the city.
We've been hard at work creating and manufacturing these boxes that we'll be giving away on Saturday. There will be a limited edition of 50, each numbered with certificates of authenticity. We've decided to make one box available online via an Ebay auction. The proceeds will go to CEC Artslink. Stay tuned for details.

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